Lower transfer fees


Anyone can advice how to lower fees when receiving money over $1000?

I just received a payment from pollfish amounting €887 and it was sent via paypal. It costed me €53.33 just to receive that amount…

Same here, conversion fees from paypal were too big. I don’t understand why Pollfish shows revenue in USD and then sends money in euro. They even send an email confirmation by the end of month stating the final amount to pay in USD!
Anyway… for more than 1k you can use wire or even request other payment method, according to what Andreas told me.

Do you think wire transfer has lower fees than paypal in general for over $1000?

Yeah I received it in euro and I think I suffered much in convertion rates… It costed me around 3 thousand plus in my currency

hello @Ryan nad @romel_emperado . We fully understand your concerns. The reason we are paying in euro for the moment is because the company is based in Europe. We display values in US though because we have a lot of devs also from other continents especially US. However the company is relocating in NY, so really soon everything will be processed in US! Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

@andreasv Ok but it is very painful. :slight_smile:

See the difference…

My pollfish invoice says $1198.76

The payment received was in euro.

That is a difference of 4,212.18 pesos… :slight_smile: It’s very painful.

hello @romel_emperado, i fully understand. The next step is payments in US. When we get bigger we will hopefully provide payments in other currencies too :slight_smile:

@andreasv No problem… I’m sending to you my bank details. I will try the wire transfer at the end of this month. Thank you so much.

@andreasv how about sending it as personal payment like what mobileCore does.


hello @romel_emperado, as already discussed we are already investigating other methods for payment, and hopefully we will provide more options to our partner developers soon :slight_smile: