Lower AdMob Earnings?


I don’t know why, but my AdMob earnings have gone in the last three days from $20, to $17 and now to $14. I haven’t upgraded to he new AdMob (I’ve just heard about it but I don’t have the option to upgrade yet), and as far as I can tell, downloads seem to be OK. In Today’s Revenue the 7 day eCPM revenue went down by 9% and compare to yesterday, it’s down by 31%. All my apps are performing fine, except for one games, which receives a few negative reviews in the past few days, because it crashes a lot.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


My admob banner ads performing ok and increasing very little bit. Interstitial still all time low. Maybe the reason is because I have allocate 60% only…

Thanks for sharing.

Hi guys, I’m again experiencing somewhat lower earnings for the past few days (around 10-15%). The ad impression numbers are roughly the same but everything else is down. Do you think there are lately lower quality ads or advertisers are paying less? Are you also experiencing this? Thanks.

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