Low user retention , lots of uninstalls, in need of advice

Hey everyone,

I published my app about 4 months ago, since then it hasn’t been very successful. I unpublished it some time later but decided to publish it again with material design. The update helped and current installs went up to about 60-70. This update was done just a month ago.My app basically allows a user to lock/unlock his device by hovering a hand over it. It has a pocket mode where the device gets locked when the proximity sensor comes into contact with something(pocket,bag etc) and lights up when its taken out.

Its very minimalistic and I wasn’t thinking it would be a huge success but it isn’t that bad either. The thing is that most people tend to uninstall it. My current stats are 85 current installs and 709 total installs. I don’t believe these stats show good signs or that they are okay (are they?). I’ve been sitting at 60-80 current installs for about a month now. Ratings are good , I’ve only had one crash so far (at least that’s what the developer console is showing). There are no intrusive ads either. I have come to the conclusion that most users don’t find it that useful and they uninstall it. There is an option to give feedback about bugs and suggestions but only one person has used the feature.He suggested a pocket mode which I added in an update. Any advice on how to improve my situation or should I just start afresh? I’ll give the link to the app if its required.

Help will be greatly appreciated.

maybe they don’t know how to use it? in my game after adding interaction tutorial uninstalls decreased well.

Never actually thought of that, I’ll look into it, Thanks!

The software nowadays must be foolproof - easy to learn or intuitive… if it is very complex add some tutorial, video and so on… in my case it does help bcs of the complexity …
no chance to learn the App without having a user tutorial… and the most that are to lazy to check the tutorial will uninstall it in few minutes. I have some good adopters that a trying to learn it and they see that the App is very helpful.

I have added a promo video but I don’t think everyone sees it, I’ll be sure to add a tutorial in the next update, thanks for the suggestion!
A little off topic, which ad network should I use , i’m using leadbolt but most people don’t recommend it.

Whats the name of your app?

proximity lock/unlock

Im usit now…it useful…good work…

Thanks , if you face any bugs or issues please let me know.

Its work perfectli on my note2…no issues or bugs yet…i will inform you when i have it…thanks

What a coincidence. dujkoo created the account and as a first activity he asked “whats the name of your app?”, and then it turns out he is using it! And he loves this app, can you imagine it!!! And he found no bugs and no issues, it works perfectly on his note2! Now he has 3 posts, all of them in this topic.

Back to the topic: its hard to find your app searching for its exact title, you should do something about it. Improve your aso and / or change the title.