Low revenus with RevMob

Hi there guys!

I just started using a “more games” button in my apps for additionnal revenus. I’m using revmob to do so.

Sadly the revenus seems to be abismal if I compare to Admob.

Admob give me between 10-30 cents for a click from Canada/USA. Which is awesome. And those are banners click.

For a more game button with RevMob, I only get around 0.5 cents. That’s really low.

Is that normal? Is there something I’m doing wrong? Should I use something else?

I would use Admob, but I can’t guaranty that the ads would be a game ads.

Thanks for reading!


$0.1-$0.3 per click seems high for me, you’re obviously getting great traffic from US/Canada.
If we assume a conversion rate of 10% for a banner click, the eCPI for advertisers would be beyond $1-$3 per install.

However, $0.005 per click in a non-incentivized offerwall looks abysmal.
You actually get 0.5 cents per click on an offerwall banner / entry?

How many clicks and conversion do you get, how is the ratio?

It those numbers look normal, you should just switch to a different provider (appbrain is running non-incentivized offerwalls too, for example).
I have no data so it’s just a wild guess, but CPC should still be around $0.1-$0.2 for advertisers targeting US traffic.

Hopefully someone with more experience on non-incentivized offerwalls, CPC prices and average conversion rates can help you.

Thanks for the answer daywalker,

Actually my 0.5 cents come from clicking a MORE GAMES button which link directly to a game like Dragon City on google play.

I got 0 conversion for those click, but I tested it and I didn’t get an install in Revmob. It didn’t count it. Maybe that is the issue. Maybe I’m missing something in the SDK, another of our programmer did the integration.

In Admob, a lot of the money comes from clueless Adsense customers that have no idea that their ads are running as Admob ads on mobile devices. Google makes it (intentionally?) hard for them to opt out. Most of the clicks are accidental, and result in no real value to the advertiser. I myself see plenty completely useless ads on apps that I use, like for a Mexican dentist, in Spanish. And that was a game! I think this won’t go on forever. Advertisers will become smarter, or Google will be forced to make Admob opt-in instead of opt-out.

Related story from the “other side”: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7524473

I’ve read the article and those aha moment guys story but I think you’re not 100 percent correct. Maybe with banners you will see Adsense ads due to low fill rate, but with interstitials, I get a lot of app install ads, especially in USA.

And interstitials are a primary driver of revenue.