low revenue with admob despite of good visitor

Hello i have an educational application which spesificed on my country. It contains 2 activities with smart banner on top. Getting about 7k visitor in day and 20k active user according to google analytic. In admob, im getting 30-35k impression, %0.17 ctr and 1$ per day.i think it is under the avarege. Any idea or suggestion?

Yeah, $0,03 eCPM is definitely under the average. If your rotation time is below 60 seconds, you should increase it - it will improve your CTR and ad providers will more likely send you better ads. Which country is it? Maybe you could use some mediation service or switch to interstitials?

My refresh rate was 30 second so i raised to 60 second. i am living in turkey.

yesterday i signed up to mobfox and tried to use over admob without mobfox sdk. i added on “ad network optimization setting”. is it possible? i am asking because mobfox didnt approved my publication and there is no report.

Im planning to add an interstitials when application closed. Does it make a problem with smart banner?

I don’t know regular eCPM in Turkey, and I don’t know which ad network works best there, sorry, maybe someone else will be more helpful here. Also, I don’t use mobfox.
You can use interstitials with banners - the interstitial will take full screen when it pops up, no problem there. Be careful not to show interstitials AFTER the app is closed, as its against Google Play policy. Also, I don’t know why but Google states that “it is not recommended” to use interstitials on app exit. I don’t know why they say so because it seems like a perfect place to show the ads - the user exits the app, maybe he would like to check out some other game for example? But Google thinks different.
Anyway, you should definitely try implementing interstitials, you should be earning much more with 7k DAU.

Can i use interstitial and banner in same activity? Or is it forbidden?

You can use both interstitials and banners. When you show interstitial it will take the whole screen, banner will be visible again when the user closes the interstitial…