low + medium maturity versions

Hi everybody,

Me and my team are close to release our new game and we have one issue to discuss which is maturity classification. Our game is full of blood and fictional violence so it seems it should be at least medium maturity classified but we are wondering if we could release low maturity simulatenously by replacing blood color with green and so on. In fact it would be the same game with cosmetic graphics fixes and different maturity classification. Could it be reason for google to ban the game or even account ? Does anyone tried such solution ?

Thanks in advance

Not worth it - the maturity setting usually doesn’t affect your downloads at all.
I’m pretty sure 99% of the parents do not restrict the maturity settings on their kids phones.

thanks, I am also wondering if having two (low + medium maturity) games on the store could increase download rate (sumarized) then single game approach, is that possibe ?