Low income - you guys, too?


do you guys experience lower incomes, too?

I had decreasing revenue and I changed my refresh rate from 30s to 60s. It got better for one day. But today its again low. Although I got more impressions and clicks than yesterday.

Is this common in October? Can you confirm this, too?

Thank you.

Banners always pay pennies unless you have minimum 100 thousand installs. How many daily installs are you getting. How has been the trend of daily installs lately?

Everything is very stable. Some installs are slightly decreasing but others are increasing. It’s just that the RPM is going down again and again. I don’t know why. Now I set my refresh rate to the maximum of 120.

Refresh rate was 30s:
On 07.10.14 I got 235.000 impressions and a RPM of 0,21 €. CTR 1,0%

I switched to a refresh rate 60s:
On 08.10.14 I got 181.000 impressions and a RPM of 0,30 €. CTR 1,3%.

That was better and I thought it would keep on. But thats what I got the day followed:
On 09.10.14 I got 187.000 impressions and a RPM of 0,24 €. CTR 1,4%.

I really don’t understand that. I skipped some AdMob SDK versions and I updated all of my apps to version 4.3.23 like a week ago. I’m not sure if that could be a reason, too… I’m experiecing an uptrend that goes on and on…

All in all it’s a little frustatring. I still have some good revenue but once you got some more you feel sick anyway. :wink:

Edit: Okay, there are less clicks from the good countries and more clicks from the poor countries. But why? Things are varying a lot then… Hmm.

what happens when we past hundred thousand installs ?

After 100 thousands of users, u can expect to hit 1million banner impressions daily and get some good revenue from them.

October should be getting stronger than Summer months based on previous years. I can’t wait for November and December!