Guys what is wrong with startapp…it is giving only 0.13$ to 0.17$ ecpm for last two months. Please guys help me to choose another ad network.
Any suggestions ??

Try admob or FAN

Can you tell me the ECPM of FAN for Indian traffic ??

A agree with trying out another network.
Admob, heyzap, chartboost, applovin,FAN… Give them a shot or multiple a shot and mediate them.

I’m in complete solidarity with taimur97 and FGL_Rozek. This is the best option.

Can anyone suggest me the best ad network for Indian traffic other than admob and startapp ??

It’s getting worse now giving only 0.09$ ECPM.

What ISN’T wrong with startapp? lol

eCPM isn’t particularly suitable for evaluating your provider’s performance or making a revenue forecast. Consider the fillrate metric as well. Fill rate calculates the rate your ad unit is filled in with provided ads. Even if the eCPM is high, bad fill rate can be the reason of low revenue, so you must consider them together

About ad netwroks. I would like to encourage you to try Mediation Platforms like Appodeal, Fyber, Supersonic etc… Mediation is designed to save time integrating and maximizing your revenues

Hope this helps


eCPM is not a good metric to evaluate your ads Company. eCPM is Total Earnings/(Impressions x 1000). total earnings = number of clicks x k. K is the most important thing here. It is a ($)value that ads Company gives you, when any user click the ads. Also, it changes for different ads, even user’s country.
Finally, I can clearly say eCPM says nothing about your ads company quality. If your users get 20.000 Impression but 0 click, your eCPM will be almost 0 for all ads companies(Admob, Startapp, etc.).

ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) should be the best metric to check when you need to evaluate the profitability of the advertising in your apps