Low eCPM on StartApp last few days

Before i say this i just want to let you know that i have been very happy and satisfied in using StartApp. It is my most prefered Ad Network.

I Remember last year August i started using StartApp. And i used to get very stable earnings(ecpm used to be more than 1). Recently i’ve noticed startapp is giving me ecpms around 0.4-0.7 overall!

I have 7 active apps on google play store. 5 of them give me around 50-150 downloads per day. 2 of the apps give me 250-350 downloads a day.

See below for my earnings on 10th June 2015.


I personally think my CTR is really good. 12.68%. 732 clicks for 5771 Ad impressions. But only $2.9??? :confused:

And below is my earnings for this month so far (June).


Again! 7140 clicks for 54,663 Ad impressions. But only $36.35!! :confused:

I have added Banner, Interstitial and Slider for all my apps!

Can someone share there stats for June… would be really helpful! thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes their eCPM is too low… I am new to startapp. Just started 4 days ago. I used only admob for months and then learned some backfill stuffs and tried amazon as primary (not using now because of their very very low fill rate). After some research, i picked up startapp based on the reviews and other things considering the revenue paid. But on the contrary i got only $0.25 for 1857 impressions with 80clicks!! eCPM just $0.13 :frowning: . thats too damn low! If i had these stats in my admob, it would have fetched me about $5-10 for sure (the network that everyone say as a low paying one). Even when admob pays like this, i guess startapp surely should based on what they say and reviews. Is this only for me or is it the average eCPM kind of stuff value in startapp? Someone ?

PS: I have to agree that the number of clicks have got a lot higher. I hardly get 10-15 clicks per day per app in admob. Startapp says that it has got 80 clicks but revenue is for like 1click or even less!!

Consider switch to other ad network, and make some comparison.