Low eCPM in Admob - $1.30 eCPM to $0.20 in 2 days

So I have an app with 5k daily downloads, top country in downloads is United States, and in 2 days I passed from $1.30 eCPM to $0.20… the downloads are pretty much the same, so whats happening?

I don’t understand it, the ratings are the same, downloads the same, just the ECPM dropped a lot.

It seems like april is bad month for advertising, but your drop seems a bit worse than what we are seeing.

The drop in april is commented here: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/32469-admob-revenue-down-almost-25%.html

Maybe your app is generating accidential clicks. Or you are showing interstitals too frequently. This have happened with me also 6 months back, I was showing admob ads more frequently & at inappropriate places, One day google runed an algorithm that decreased my ecpm to 75%, I contacted admob & they suggest to update ad placement, after that I removed some irrelevant placement ads, which minimized accidential clicks. But still I was getting low & constant ecpm(~$0.20) till today.

Mine is also same. Bad April for revenue.
Hoping for best in May.