Low Ecpm in 2015 all adnetworks

Nowadays many people open new thread about low ecpm.
I use startapp,mopub and admob and my ecpm arround 0.20.I tried apnext,leadbolt,tapcontext and they give 0.05 ecpm for me.I read some threads about airpush,mobilcore,mobvista and all people says that “my ecpm is get lower in 2015”.
Which adnetwork gives good ecpm and gives low ecpm in 2015?
Let discuss to find best adnetwork in 2015 in this thread.

This economic crisis. The whole world is falling and you want to increase revenue from the advertisements?

Hi @Bardsoft,

If you generated $0.05 eCPM with appnext (or any other network for that matter) - the problem is not the lack of campaigns. It is in how the ads are implemented. The implementation might not be good enough. Or you may have too many ads. Whatever the reason may be - such low eCPM cannot be explained by lack of good campaigns.
If you are willing to show me your ads - PM me and I’ll have a look. There might be ways to improve your revenue.

I work with Startapp and this year I have a decrease from 2$ ecpm to 1.15$. I think another reason for the decreasing is the change $ to €.

I don’t know what is the reason of decreasing, but the truth is that although I have more impressions each month my earnings are lower.

I am testing admob after 2 years, and I am having 1 € ecpm, more or less 1.2$…

I have one banner at bottom and one intersitial which shown opening the menu…my app link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.darkelf.baby

Well, there are many things you can improve. Start with showing the interstitial during app launch and not in a random page. Then you have the buttons that all lead to the same SGN game… You’re losing money there. Start with those.

Hi Bardsoft,

Sounds like you’ve tried your hand at a few networks. Have you ever tried Supersonic?
eCPM is currently $3 for interstitials. Our app developers are enjoying a rise in eCPM in 2015. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to make use of a new user promotion we’re currently running.

Good luck!

I want to use cpm or cpc based adnetwork, a few people install displayed ads,so CPI based adnetworks not good for me… I need cpc based network advice ,

Use Admob or Notify for banners. They’ll be the best for that ad unit. But Albert brings up a good point. Economic and political problems are happening all over the world. As things stabilize, Im sure budgets will come back in a strong way.

All in all Admob will probably always be the highest paying network…simply because Google has the capital to beat the other networks in “sharing” more of their revenue with publishers. Not only that, but they have the highest fill rate so even if a network can give you a higher eCPM in US than Admob, that network’s eCPM is all other countries will be shit. So, stick with Admob,…I’ve tried many others and Admob has been the highest paying for me…not just because higher eCPM (I get a higher eCPM with StartApp many times) but because they can almost do 100% fill.

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Should be helpful.