Low earnings with Applovin

I have read good things about Applovin and have seen some success stories so I wanted to try them out. I switched from Appodeal to Applovin for interstitial and reward video ads, but my ecpm is around, $0.10, and my daily earnings have been less than $0.20. I can have 20-30 ad clicks, but have $0 earnings. Is this normal? I have around 1000 daily active users and 2000-3000 ad impressions. Has anybody had any luck with Applovin?

It is a network that only pays for installs. Generally speaking, such networks are better for people with wide user base.
You will only get paid if someone installs (and possibly runs) the app advertised. No cent for impression or click.

Where is your traffic coming from? If is US traffic we can offer you a $9 CPM for video ads(non-rewarded and rewarded). For interstitials we can offer you a $6 CPM. Check us out(Moblyft) and feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or issues: [email protected]

Yes, most of the users are from the US. Thank you, I will have to check moblyft out.

Perfect. Thank you.