Low admob RPM

I tryed admob only for 1 day and RPM was terrible:

RPM: 0.05€
Requestes: 57.000
Fill rate: 100%
Clicsk: 52
Earnings: 2.72€

Now i switched again to AirPush, but today admob rpm increased to 0.13€

Is it normal? Do i need to keep admob more days to stabilize rpm or it is random?

Can someone explain me why adsense and admob earnings are merged? If i reach the payout amount with adsense, will they pay also admob earnings?

1 day is not enough to evaluate any network. Try it at least for 1 week since you have a good number of requests. Do you use only banners? Still the CTR rate(~0.09%) is horrible, most likely something is wrong with your app(ad placement, background…).

You need to stay patient (yet aggressive in testing) - if you’re looking to increase revenue.

The thing you really need to understand about ad networks is that the RPM/CPM/CPC/CPA always depends on the advertisers spending money with the network. So it is unavoidable - one day revenue will be great because a MAJOR advertiser decided to spend millions of dollars or Clash of Clans is spending loads to get people to install. However, the days that these advertisers stop spending is the day everyone will experience a drop. It’s just the nature of the business and a huge reason why there’s huge volatility day to day. It’s like trying to switch lanes in traffic jams - you see one lane going faster than yours so you switch.

Switching networks and trying new things is great - as long as you stay diligent and methodical in your approach.

Hope that makes sense.

I use only banners… is it allowed to show an interstitial banner also if a banner is displayed behind?

Yes, since the interstitiql is full screen.

I’ve set the refresh interval at 60 sec and i’ve set up my code to reuse the same adview across each fragment…