Low admob earnings?

Hi everyone,

The admob earnings of today are VERY low, I mean super low! I use interstitial ads and I have around 1000 request until now, but my earnings are 0.18 €… Is anyone else facing this issue?


Never judge admob earnigs before the end of the day.

Its depends of your user base and time zones.

All stable with Admob on my end today.

My AdMob stats are normal. In fact last 7 days were awesome not normal :slight_smile:

Guys with experience of december earnings from previous year(s) , what are the from and to dates when we should see the christmas effect in our earnings Is it whole December month?

For me there is a gradual increase from end of November up until about 20th December. From 20th December until 31st I see a massive jump.

So far this year is following the same pattern to the mos part.

Why? Is there any adjustment at the end the day? Or some delay?

yup there is a adjustment probably one day after that day.

That also confirms my earnings too. Thanks mate.

Same here, Yesterday I had ECPM of $6 with Admob interstitials, I am not sure how come it jumped up that much in the last few days

Yesterday my admob earnings dropped about 30% :frowning:

I’m seeing lower downloads - last 2 days apps taken a deep dive down in downloads - is associated with a decline in rankings also (though that could be because of the download drop).

It could also be that folks have other things to watch - maybe the Mandela funeral or something.

Admob banner + interstitial revenue is down a bit from recent days but respectable compared to pre-Holiday days. Also Admob adjusts the revenue figure 1-2 days after the fact.

Same thing here, downloads dropped about 30%, in all apps.