Lovoo popup - Wich ad network?

Hi guys

I have a problem with my app. Since some time (months) the Google Play store opens automatically shortly after starting my app.
Most of the time the Lovoo app page on Google Play opens, sometimes few other apps like “Mobile.de

No interstitial is shown at that time and no banner. It’s hard to reproduce. Sometimes this happens almost every time I start the app, sometimes no problem for several days.

I have the following ad networks:
AbMob: Banners+Interstitials
Facebook: Banners+Interstitials
Startapp: Interstitials
InMobi: Banners

In the logfile I can’t see which ad network is responsible for this. The only thing I see is the following:

2339-2658/system_process I/ActivityManager﹕ START u0 {act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=market://details?id=net.lovoo.android&referrer=adjust_reftag=cVzzSE8 cmp=com.android.vending/com.google.android.finsky.activities.LaunchUrlHandlerActivity} from pid 15457

Does anyone know where this comes from or has an idea how I could find out who’s responsible?


100% its inmobi
i have heard same issues before also
remove inmobi and check the app

We too had this issue while using InMobi banners.

Thanks guys. I will remove InMobi and try for some days.

Does anybody know a good alternative for backfilling banner ads?
I don’t want to use any network which requires location tracking and or shows an EULA to the user.

for banner, you could try appbrain.

Thanks. Any other suggestions?

Hey there,

The latest version of our Standard SDK does not contain a EULA, and our 360 abstract banners are highly engaging with solid CPMs and fill rate world wide.

PM me if you want to chat further.
Airpush Nick

that is inmobi. Had the same situation, inmobi banners were opening google play directly without notifying the user. It is against GP, they earn much more (because directly opens the app page) and they give 0 to developers (because they will not accept that they do it), so they earn huge money by risking your app.

That is why screw inmobi and stop using them at all. A company that does such a shit, cannot be trusted

have you tried appbrain banners? What is your eCPM?
I don’t think that CPI banners could give better results.

in Airpush I have 0.15$ eCPM from 550 000 impressions (which is actually not that bad, but also not very good)

I only use it as backfill banner, CPI banner may not get better results, but its fill rate is almost 100%. Even when offline, you could still see the appbrain banner showing “download more app”, instead of nothing.

Nick, I know Airpush banners are animated. Do they have sound? Since my app is a music player, this would be a no-go for me if that’s not configurable.

Ok, just saw that AirPush requires ‘ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION’. As I wrote, I don’t want to track my users and I don’t want to introduce new permissions.

So AirPush is not an option for me.

Any good alternative besides AppBrain?