lost on moPub "orders & list" setup

so confused. it cant be this confusing, yet this is no video or actual explanation anywhere on getting actual ads to my app. im getting test ads, so ive done everything right on coding my app and siging up.
Ive go MobFox as an add-on network (which says my app is approved and ready to get ads)

ive looked at the Demo -Orders and List stuff (which seems stupid and makes absolutely no since to me and cant get any info.) why the only explination page would say put a name where it says name and a Advertiser where it says advertiser is just stupid. if I knew what it meant by name and advertiser im pretty sure i wouldn’t be looking anything up.

any way. Ive paused the demo. setup three different Orders? and when it comes to setting up a CREATIVE??? when i hit save it sits there FOREVER and never does anything.

I show that I have 110 impressions from before i started trying to get ads today… “all DEMO-Ads”.

Yes admob was so simple to use. if you touched nothing everything was setup for you, here it seems nothing is Automatic.

Please help! wasted 3 day weekend on all of this, and still not one ad. so depressed with life right now. “Please help”!


also i have mobfox integrated in mopub… im starting to think that might be dumb?? does mobfox have their own ads to display, or do they only show the ads of other networks that i add-on only?

I assume from the lack of help on mopub that they are not a popular much used ad network and also must be difficult to configure… As its obvious I should had tons of replys saying how easy it is to setup… So I’m dropping them… (Don’t mean this as being a smart-butt, just obvious lack of info means most ppl don’t use them here).

We’ll see what info pops up on some other ad networks questions I have.