Losing Apps Like Crazy! - Am I Alone?

Lately I got pretty much wiped out by google and cant seem to get get apps back up despite completely starting over and changing everything i do and getting some new services. Is there anyone else out there getting some grief from Google like me?

Do you use airpush sdk?

yeah i use airpush for my adnetwork. The apps i load up have been completely clean of ads. I add the SDK later when more users. But there is the slight slight possibility that these apps ive loaded have had my SDK jar in them or permissions of AP.

Lost 2 apps in the last month, both of them at about 500 downloads a day.

I have been experiencing the same problem and I don’t use any ad services in my apps. Personally I don’t think its anything to do with airpush…I think google I clamped down on the “banned app detection algorithm”.

Are you completely changing the app description in the Google Play store?

Very sad news. I think its a common problem for some people.