looking to monetize ad network in Mexico and Spain with 150k impressions per day

Mobilecore currently use for this traffic in Mexico and Spain, but their eCPM for these countries is very low.
Can anyone tell me some cpm network that is not so low for these countries, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Latin countries.
In these countries we are currently handling more or less 150,000 / day impressions (150k / Day)

Only 100% Google compliant networks with identifier ID and comply 100% with the rules of google and policy announcements.


I dont now if its suitable for you but I recommend “Startapp” with an offer. I you register with my referral link and get 1m impressions, I will share half of my referral bonus. For 1M impressions, they give 150$.

here my referral link: StartApp - Developer Register

edit: Startapp is %100 comply with google play rules.

edit 2: We can make another deal, if you make 10M impressions, I can share even 1500$ but if you make it in 2 month.

Hi! Email me at [email protected]. I can give you some guarantees and ensure that you mitigate your risk. We have fantastic ads for those GEOs. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, with startapp already working and everything right while. This is only for the traffic of these countries and to those impressions.
The rest of the prints have monetized with third parties.

Hi Kell,

At Airpush, we have plenty of ad inventory targeting the countries you listed with a dedicated ad sales team targeting that region. Our current network eCPM is $1.00 - $1.50+.
I would like suggest using our Bundle 1 SDK that includes our engaging 360 abstracts, standard banners, smart wall and pay per download.
Our SDK also includes call back listeners so if we are unable to fill the request, you can cascade down to another network to fill the request.

You can review our demo site here: Airpush Publisher Demo and integration document here: Bundle SDK 1.0 Documentation - manage.airpush.com/docs

PM me to chat further.

Airpush Nick

@kell you can also try out Avocarrot which has descent eCPM and fill rate especially for Spain. You have full flexibility to how you will show advertisement using native ads and we are in full compliance with Google’s advertising policies and Advertising ID.

Hi kell,

Sent you a PM.