Looking for second round of beta testers for our Apjective SDK

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tony and I’m the Developer Evangelist here at Apjective. We are a US based company in Phoenix, Arizona.

We’re looking for a second round of beta testers for our unique mobile monetization SDK. Our first round beta testers have had great results so far and we’re ready to finally open it up to a few more developers.

We are not an ad network. Our patent-pending technology presents your users with questions about themselves. These are not surveys. They are dynamic question sets that are used to build an accurate, intimate profile of the user. Completed profiles become valuable sales leads that are then matched to providers of goods and services that the user has expressed an interest in. This results in highly targeted offers for your users right when they want them.

We pay $.10 for each completed question “stack”. As an example of what you can earn, one of our first round beta developers has us in an app that has 2000 DAUs. Last month they made over $600 from our SDK alone. This is on top of their revenue from all the other ad networks they kept in their app. It’s done so well, they’re currently adding our SDK to all their other apps.

I’ll be posting some more info soon, but if you have an app that you’d like us to consider or any questions at all, please pm me.


I like the concept…

  • Is this Google Play compliant?
  • Are your questionnaires available Globally?

Concept is good and interesting
Is it global


Yes, our SDK is Google Play compliant.

As of right now only US users get shown the question sets, but of course this will expand in the future.

You have the option to waterfall to your own ads for non-US users, or you can just use the SDK’s own waterfall system to automatically backfill from ad networks we work with.

Spin me up for beta testing… tnx

Sounds good Romel. I’ll contact you soon via email.

Thanks for the great response so far everyone.

To answer a few of the questions I’ve gotten:

For the backfill ads, what ad networks do we use and what monetization type is it?

Currently we work with Appnext, Motive Interactive, inMobi, and Pubnative and the monetization type is a mix of CPI/CPA type ads and CPM Video.

What kind of questions will my users be presented with?

The first question set will ask things like the user’s gender, age, and generally get a broad sense of the interests of the user based initially on what sort of app is being used. If the user is 18 years of age or older and continues to answer questions, there will be a few verification questions and then the question sets will become less general and more specialized based on the vertical markets we are serving at the time. For example, in a racing game, after the winner wins a race, we may present him with questions about his car ownership experiences, or what model of vehicle he’s thinking about purchasing.

How often does Apjective do payouts?

We pay monthly, Net 30 days.

Do I have to use Apjectives backfill ads?

No, we can simply return an empty response and you can waterfall to your next ad network if you want. However, one cool thing about how we mediate our backfill ads is that we use the user’s answers from the questions to match “ads” to their interests.

Feel free to pm me with other questions or let me know if you would like to join the beta and try Apjective in your apps. We have a few slots left.

A quick update with some exciting news (see below).

We are now in open beta!

Thanks to all our early beta testers. Now, any developer can sign up, download the SDK, and begin integrating the Apjective SDK into their Android apps.

Just click the sign up button here:


Once you sign up you can immediately access your account on the developer portal here:


From your account you can click the SDK tab to download the SDK and find links to integration documentation and tutorial videos for both Eclipse and Android Studio based projects.

You can see in the tutorial videos that a simple Apjective integration takes less than 10 minutes.

ALSO! We know that one of the biggest challenges you face is getting your app in front of people. We also know that paying for installs can get really expensive. That’s why we are offering free traffic for the apps of our early adopters. Sign up now and we’ll put ads for all your Apjective enabled apps in our backfill ad mediation platform at no cost to you. That means that at certain times, when backfill ads are called, we will show an ad for an Apjective enabled app instead of our normal ad mediation traffic. The sooner you integrate the Apjective SDK, the more often the ad for YOUR apps will show in the rotation! We will at some point begin to charge for this service so this is a limited time offer, but early Apjective enabled apps will get grandfathered in. There’s no reason to wait!

In addition, we’ll be adding more analytics to the developer portal soon.

There you have it. Apjective offers:

[li]Quick integration.
[/li][li].10 for every completed profile.
[/li][li]Free traffic to your apps.
[/li][li]Valuable analytics.

Questions? Ping me.


Can I use your SDK for wallpapers? Users very rare open settings or start activity.

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I’ll PM you about this.