Looking for monetization solutions


We can do big tier-1/2 installs volume from our existed app network on Google Play.
Looking for interesting SDK for monetization, which can bring $1 from active user per month.
Not interested in standart ad formats, just something which can bring big money, all solutions allowed - we can discuss risks for GPlay ban.

Please, write in PM with numbers and offers.


There was a topic with the extensive review of app monetization platforms.
however, everything here depends on your app - if it’s a total scum, revenue will be big, but won’t last long!

If you want to play big and have around 70 000 DAU, you may try app data monetization - Appgrow will be best solution for you. They are 100% GDPR compliant.
If you need app monetization with ads and exclusive demand - Epom Apps will be the best fit.

I’m thinking of trying data monetization. But I wonder if it’s safe and how much money I can earn… Perfectly, I want to say ‘no’ to irritating ads…

Anyway, I signed up to AppGrow, thanks. Let’s see what they say

Thank you, guys. Still looking for more options, seems like it’s a big problem on market with alternative solutions.
Interested in solution like https://www.usebutton.com/ provide, but seems like it’s for very big companies, not for indie