Looking for Marketer

Looking for a marketer for our app. We will offer 40% of the Ad income if you are successful at it. Here is our app. It is unique and just needs a way to get known. If interested, message me

J&S, hope it goes well for you.

I’m just wondering if anyone can give advice on 1) where can I typically find “Marketers”, that do the distribution: publishing, marketing etc. and 2) what is the typical profit sharing for a complete game. Any experience would be greatly appreciated.

It seems that there is no demand for this kind of app. I mean, i can only find a couple drunk lockers in android with less than 100k downloads…

How about finding a publisher instead? Can that work?

1000-5000 installs. More than 500 ratings. Almost only 5 and 1 star ratings. What…is this? The 5 star ones are obviously fake ones based on the amount of installs. So, without fake ratings, your app rating would be what? 1.5? There is a serious issue with your app you should find out before searching for someone to promote it.

I guess the publisher will assist in marketing the app. Any idea on what the profit sharing is?

If you can get a high profile person to talk about it on their youtube channel i can see it becoming a hit.

I think the best way to find a marketer, is to start being a marketer yourself. What I mean is that, if you start reseaching on marketing technics and stuff, it’s very possible to stamble upon a marketer that suits you. It worked for me in the past. You can start by searching for “marketing technics for mobile apps”. Being a starter (with a low or zero budget), is a difficult situation but also a starting point for a lot of people. Do your best, read more and be restless.

Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

Try doing some cross promotion, it will be a good kickstarter. And if your app is worth it, it will eventually become more and more popular thanks to your advertisement. Think of it as a way of freely testing your app before engaging with marketers that will cost you money. There’s a community of app developer studios called Tappx that are great at cross promotion and the thing is they’re completely free. Furthermore, if you don’t have any banners of your own, they have some available ones that you can freely use. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to upload your app there and start making some profit out of it. Try and register via this link so we both get extra credit for bigger promotion campaigns. Thanks!
Tappx - Cross-promotion platform for Apps - The App Marketing Platform, Tappx