Looking for investor for my app\business idea

Hello everyone,

I recently developed a fully working prototype for my app idea and I’m looking for investor! (idea is new in the market)

Any ideas on how to start this? when do i need an investor?

Basically i need a good back-end developer & Android developer, (I’m looking for a high quality work)

I’ve tried Upwork… But! I need a dedicated developer(s) that put his soul into this! not to take his hourly rate money and move away

Any help\advice is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Well if you are not a programmer you can outsource it. Before doing any of that I recommend you read a book called “Don’t hire a software developer until you read this book” has tons of great info. Also you can use websites like kickstarter, gofundme, to try raise capital. Also if you want investors make sure you have a business plan. When to get investors for your idea? Not too sure but I guess when you have a complete business plan, and the idea is fully thought out. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Are you sure that your idea is good and it costs big money?Try to sell your idea somebody or tre to find between your acquintances a person, who can help you in this situation.

to get funding for a new app if its a good idea you should try crowdfunding sites KIckStarter or IndieGogo !

I am thinking of it…

Could you describe what your idea is about? We definitely need some more details to make a decision.

Could you describe what your idea is about? We definitely need some more details to make a decision. And make sure it’s a brilliant idea, people don’t enjoy spending money on anything. There are several websites where you can look for people that are willing to make an investment, but an accurate description is needed. I am currently looking on investorjunkie.com for something to invest in. My primary thoughts were BTC and ETH, and I might also take a look at the NFTs. An app doesn’t sound bad as well, so I’ll be waiting for a message from you if the post is still available, of course. Thank you.

More info please if it is still available.