Looking for help in selecting new phone.

Sadly I have to move on from Blackberry. Currently using a Leap and a Q10. I’m not tech savvy and am at a bit of a loss as to what to do now. A lot of lingo on here is out of my league so be simple if you can. I hate both Apple and Google which leaves me with no options? I’m considering to either buy a degoogled phone or try degoogling one myself. Is this realistic and doable?

Important things to me.

  1. Security and privacy.
  2. Phone signal reception. (I live in rural Manitoba)
  3. A workable web browser.
  4. A communications hub like Blackberry Hub.
  5. A phone that doesn’t feel like I’m hauling a window pane around everywhere I go.

Things unimportant to me.

  1. 5G - I could care less. Probably never will have it way out here anyway.
  2. A camera for posting pictures in National Geographic. I’m not a photographer.
  3. Apps. Rarely use any.
  4. Maps. Handy once in a while but only used when I go on vacation. (I might go on a vacation again once Covid is over in 2043.)

All help offered is most appreciated.

I would not buy a phone without 5G today.

While I was reading this discussion, I thought that in such a situation, the only right decision is not to buy a phone at all. It’s sad to admit, but Google is now a real monopolist. I guess that the reluctance to use Google products comes from how many scandals around them regarding the safety of personal data. But, I hope you will excuse me, I believe that the old Blackbury also couldn’t ensure your safety on the network at 100 percent. Using the Internet puts your safety at risk, no matter what device you use it from. And in terms of choosing a brand of phone, I adhere to a simple principle: if I have problems, even the master from https://www.allrepair.fr/, who doesn’t understand a word of English, should know perfectly well what to do with the model I brought him. But I’m still very glad that you made a choice that suits you. Good luck with your future use of the phone!

I don’t think you need to change phone right now. :grinning: