Looking for good Offer Wall solutions

Hi! Im looking for some decent offer wall solutions to deepen my games monetization layer. Have you guys got any examples or first hand experience?

Offer walls are pretty diverse today. You got a few options, but I would definitely recommend using an interstitial offer wall, such as appnext. of course, appnext is not the only network offering this kind of a solution. You’ve got mobile Core and others. If you need more info about how our ad works, please ping me in private and I’ll gladly help

Here you go for offerwall that pays CPI (per installs):

All of the above are top networks and you cannot offer incentives to user to download apps from their offerwall. Just try them and see which one works for you. On the exit of your app/game, you evenly send traffic to each of them by maintaining some kind of counter or you can try them each for 2 weeks and then decide which one works best for you. Again, offerwalls decide your revenue based on number of installs you bring to them.

Other forum members may have some other offerwall networks too to add to that list.

There are some services that provide offer/appwall mediation. I`ll propably choose some 3-5 networks at a time and work onwards from there. Does anyone have experience with incentivised offerwalls like TapJoy?

How to rotate offerwalls. have to use each network’s SDK right?

Ive seen tabbed offerwall where each SDK have its own tab similiar how browser tabs work. Im pretty sure that you can combine offer lists from various SDKs too.

AppBucks has an offer wall that you may be interested in with our Interstitial ad unit. Sign up here: AppBucks :: DeveloperSignup. If you have questions or need anything, feel free to PM me.


If you are looking for a decent Offer Wall then try out WallabyAds.com

We recently launched this new offer wall on its own custom platform and dedicated servers. We provide 7 day support, predictable crediting and stability.

Applying is very easy as well as easy to get approved.

You should start a new thread instead of answering one-year old one.

“Click here to read more…” in the main image but nothing happens. Then I click on READ MODE that redirects to http://wallabyads.com/news.html and I get an invalid request.

Are you kidding?.. Anyway, good luck.

I’ll answer although is an old post (maybe someone can search for it and find it on Google -was my case-).
Maybe the rewards offer walls can be a good solution for you. TrialPay, AdGate, Supersonic, Personaly, Wannads (I work for this company)…
If you need any extra information or any help to integrate the offer wall, you can ask to me.