Looking for best ecpm for...India

I don’t know why I have 60k users from India but it’s not important :expressionless:
Looking for the best ad network with the biggest ecpm for this country.
Airpush, Leadbolt and other networks have small 0,5 $ ecpm for India. Looking something near $1,5. It’s not important what ad unit, I have place for push, full page ads, banners and rich media.

Thx for help :wink:

I feel your pain, I also have a high user base in India.

AFAIK people in India are sh*tting on streets…
so it’s just not possible to get high eCPM there :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to do, Airpush haven’t information about ecpm and fill rate in india. Probably they haven’t any ads but I am not sure. If they haven’t I can make paid version of app, block india localization and unlock after in app payment.

When dealing with India or any other international traffic, inMobi is a pretty good bet. They have a very large international network.
Unfortunately I do not know their going rates for India. (Maybe you can look it up)
I know that we mediate with them and encourage our pubs with large international traffic to turn their ads on alongside ours.

Hope this helps.

They have $0,5 cpm for india but don’t know fill rate. Yes, you mediate, I can use also madserve for mediation but the worst thing you have is net 90 :slight_smile:

inmobi is the best for India. they are based in India and have very strong advertisers there.
that said, india cpm’s will still be terrible no matter what network you use :wink: there is no way around that.

Just to clarify: we are actually net 60, not net 90 as most of our main competitors are :slight_smile:

Most of your competitors have net 15 and net 30 :slight_smile: I saw only milenial media with net 90 :smiley: it’s tragic. Give us net 15 or weekly payments tapit and you will be the best ad network.

Anything above net 30 sucks. Net15 or weekly payments is preferable of course. I’m sure you know you are loosing clients by using net 60.

Yeah I agree, anything above net30 is horrible. I prefer weekly payments. I would never join a network with net 30+ as payment just takes waytoo long…net90 lol forget about it, wouldn’t even consider it.

I know now senddroid and airpush with free weekly payments and net15+weekly(paid) in leadbolt. Anyone knows more networks with interesting payment plan?

@ramzixp Airpush / SendDroid are absolutely the best payment plans on the market and nobody else comes close. Both are doing weekly payments with NO FEES which is a massive luxury. I wish all other networks would copy them :slight_smile:

As far as other interesting ones, I’d add AppBrain – it’s Net 5 days after each month end or something like that. So of course that is not nearly as good as weekly / no fees, however its much better than the ‘big’ networks.

Ill try this appbrain, they have nice appwalls :slight_smile: It’s true, big networks have shitty payment solutions :confused:

@ramzixp AppBrain does have a very nice product… I was using it for a while before switching to Airpush SmartWall. Just be warned, AppBrain is terrible if you have a lot of international traffic. If you’re mostly U.S traffic, though, it can be quite competitive !! Also, as far as user experience, AppBrain has a great approach – the little pre-appwall interstitial which comes up prior to the appwall loading. I think this is why AppBrain gives lower eCPM though…the user experience is a bit nicer with having the pre-appwall interstitial, but it lowers earnings.

The pre-appwall interstitial also looks bad on tablets.

People sh*tting on streets in India don’t own smartphones.

I am pretty sure that anyone owning a smartphone in a developing country is “well-to-do” and potentially a good target for marketing. (I have lived and worked in developing coutries for 10 years)

I assume, these markets aren’t really “discovered” yet by ad networks, and I believe to sell ads in India, a network will need a local presence there.

What’s the net payment on Admob off the top of your head ?

I’ve tried mmedia.com banner ads - and they are paying the same as Admob - and if they are going to have slow payment, I may as well skip them - plus payment will be split.

I understand that madvertise is good for Germany and some European countries.

The only European countries in my top 9 list as reported by Google Developer Console is: UK (11%), Ireland (6.5%), Netherlands (1.5%). That’s about nearly 20% of users - but are these the countries madvertise is strong in ?