Looking for apps with users in Argentina - High paid survey offers running

Hello everyone,

I am Andreas from Pollfish.

Pollfish for those that are not aware is a mobile survey monetization network displaying surveys instead of ads through mobile apps.

We have recently closed some big deals in Argentina in terms of survey inventory. If anyone has user base in his apps in that area and is interested in participating in these high paid survey campaigns that are running at the moment, he should integrate Pollfish surveys and upload to Google Play as soon as possible. App publishers are served in a first comes first served format.

Integration takes less than 2 minutes

In your gradle file you add:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.pollfish:pollfish:4.1.0:googleplayRelease@aar'

and then in your activity’s code where you want to show :

public void onResume() {
    PollFish.init(this, "your_api_key_here", Position.BOTTOM_LEFT, 5);

and finally release on Google Play!

If anyone wants more info please do send me a message or answer below.

Happy earnings :slight_smile: