Looking for Android developers /we payment by weekly and maximum $30/1000 new install

Hi there, i am mobile ad network and currently looking for android developers to add our sdk ,with weekly payout and maximum payment at $30 per 1000 new install ,mix at $10 . please contact me if any of u are interesting or any good suggestion .thanks a lot ! skype :fannie.fang00

I found perfect site for creating apps…Yesterday I ended up on some site called apps-machine.com . I have to share it with you guys. I started creating my own app and after 15 minutes clicking on their control panel(no programming,just clicks) I made app in what user could make effects on their photos,paint photos,play music,play videos,have notepad,chat and stream music. They got literally 1000’s of features on their control panel :smiley: I think this could be a gold mine :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: And I read something that they have free app development and so on. Aaand you can change everything all the backgrounds,colors,tabs…and you instantly see it on that same page through their simulator…don’t know how they managed to do that but it is super handy…I am super excited at the moment…time to get some apps on apple and play store :smiley: :smiley:

could you please elaborate more about your ad types and Google TOS compatibility?

we run push and Smartwall both , u may choose as ur preference . and we have attractive payment by install .


I think you may also try other marketing strategies,

to be honest, I have seen a lot app developers wasting their money on app promotion and get nothing return. They took wrong app marketing strategies and keep spending money in wrong places. Here are some suggestions I read from a post recently, I think it will be helpful for you.

1 Email newsletter. Reading email has become a major activity people do on their smartphones, you can collect users on your website and keep them updated with the news of your app with email newsletters

2 Make an explainer video for your app. Making an explainer video is a very cost and effective app marketing strategy, because it constantly increase the conversion rate of your app. 70% of people prefer to purchase or download app after watched a video, they are also more satisfied than those who didn’t. Because a video could give the user an effective preview of the app, to help they understand an app before they actually own it. There are many great app explainer videoservice providers such as Appgovideo.com (App Explainer Video - The Best App Promotion Explainer Videos for App Marketing), Appegges.com and etc.

3 App review sites. Some app review sites like Appegges.com and 148apps.com have millions of visitors per month. A lot of people like to choose apps from those sites, and if your app was reviewed by those sites, it may gain more chances to be noticed and downloaded.