Looking for an AppWall/OfferWall (MoreGames) with over $2 ecpm on 1M+ impressions


My game is receiving over 1M bootups daily. I want to add a “more games” button to it. I’m looking for an ad provider that provides the following:

  1. Over $2 consistent eCPM when it receive 1M+ impressions
  2. No PHONE_STATE permission. (it should require only Wifi state and internet)
  3. It should be able to cache the ads (so that I can show it immediately)
  4. It should have a Unity plug-in.

Is there any ad provider that satisfy the above conditions? Thanks.

appnext can do that (and guarantee the $2 ecpm min). please contact me at elad @ appnext.com and I will connect you with our team.

Try Startapp Exit Ad. I have up to $3 Epcm.
Good luck.

Thanks. Can anyone objectively compare Startapp with Appnext? Do they have enough inventory to feed millions of impressions? I don’t want them to show the same ads over and over.

Hi dzkdes,

Sent you a private message, take a look.

Regarding this last question - we have about 500 campaigns running on our network, and serve over 5,000,000,000 monthly impressions worldwide. We got you covered!

Shoot me an email [email protected] and we can talk specifics.

Have a great weekend everybody!

@dzkdes Sorry for not being objective here, I believe it’s not a matter of having enough campaigns as demand, which I’m sure both networks have, but the performance of the ads, your control and data transparency. appnext has hundreds of campaigns active, and serves 2.5B impressions a month (interstitials and native ads only) and is serving many of the apps who are looking for distribution worldwide.

IMO, what’s more important, is to see what revenue per user is generated (and ecpm) and making sure you have transparent view of the activity to make decisions. We proud of having all data open to the developers, breakdown by country, app, placements and advertisers (apps advertised). You are able to see which apps are shown and performing well in your app, request to blacklist or even contact them directly if you’d like them to advertise with you.

If I were you, I would simply run both, compare and stick with the platform who provides me with the best overall value.