Looking for an App Marketing Company

Hello to all, I am hoping someone could guide me in the right direction, as I am looking for a company that offers “pay per installs” “pay per clicks” and mobile app marketing that is not going to break my bank, that also requires not for me to install their SDK’s…

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

we(asotop1)provide app promotion service, We have years of app promotion experience and spare no effort to help you improve your app ranking and revenue.

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Hello! We would be glad to help you with your promotion! We have a thread here where you can see our news\updates, also facebook page. We have a great experience by increasing our client’s ranks with keyword installs which is the best method for google play. Our prices are reasonable - ( 1 keyword install - 0.16 $, 1 package install - 0.09 $ ). You can also earn some money from our refferal program! We have a free trial bonus for a test. If you are interested register using this link keyapp.topand for more info feel free to contact us! Have a great day!

Mobile games and applications developed by Android app developers are just the first step toward monetization. Now you have your app and game built, so what’s next? Well, you’d need a monetization solution like Alphagravel. Alphagravel does all the hard work for you so you can focus on your android app development and android game design. You don’t need to worry too much about mobile marketing once you have the Alphagravel SDK installed.

Mobile marketing is promotional action planned for delivery to cell phones, Smartphone, and other devices, usually as a part of a multi-channel campaign.

If you are publisher, you will find some mobile applications which are popular. If we show your business ads on those applications then definitely the revenue is going to increase. The expanding abilities of mobile devices also allow new types of interactive marketing.

Alphagravel simply does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s one SDK, one connection, one setup in just a few minutes and a few clicks.

I think it’s better to ask for the help from your friends or acquaintances in solving this, because as you can see, there appear users, who want to promote their companies or websites.