Looking For An Admob Alternative

I am fairly happy with their banner and interinitial revenue but the risk is too high…So I am looking for the best alternative…

Some things that i need are:
-~95% fill rate
-No virus alerts
-Samsung apps approval(they will not allow airpush,startapp,appwiz)
-mainly banner and interinitial formats

how about mmedia?can anyone post their stats


Fillrate is quite low for MMedia and eCPM varies but is close to adMob, sometimes much lower though - I wouldn’t use it without mediation and monitor eCPMs carefully.

MMedia is very low fillrate.
Non-us < 10%
US 10 - 20%

My stats:





Fill Rate


Today it’s very hard to find good ad network.

@ndthaik1, how do you tolerate such ecpm of $0.15. I was getting average ecpm of $0.13 and I dumped mmedia.

I want to test mmedia in my app about 1 month and looking for another ads network for banner and interstitials , (i used admob and startapp)

my suggestion is don’t depend on single network. use mediation and distribute your traffic.

Yes, MMedia is third ad network in my app :p, but they really suck with view/requests, i open my app 10 times only 1 times ads displayed (used mediation) .
In next month, i will try tapcontext and pingjam

hello everyone…
i am a newbie in android app development…i have been using admob(in only one app) for over a week now.and here is my details
ecpm- $0.11
fill rate -99.94%
ctr- 0.14
is this low or good?
should i change my ad network?
and yeah what’s this US & non US thing with ad networks? i get over 50% of my installs by US users.is that got anything to do with that?
thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

50% us wow .i u have install from US u will be paid more per click per install or whatever u choose . everyone pay more for US users and appwiz pays 15 times more for US user then non-US users

The reason users from US get paid more is because there are more ads for US users. Pingjam for example pays US users 5x than Canada and 30x than rest of world. But getting users from US is harder too because many apps compete for their attention.

ok…but what about admob? i think it is giving me very low revenue…what do you think? should i switch or wait for one month?

wait for some time


I’ll be glad to recommend you Epom Apps monetization platform as a worthy alternative to AdMob. And here is why —> Epom Apps vs. AdMob comparison: eCPM rates, fill rate, payouts, demand.

While monetizing your app with Epom Apps you’ll also get:

  • up to 30% daily revenue growth;
  • personal manager for 24/7 assistance;
  • 96% and higher fill rate;
  • all revenue-driving ad formats (smart banners, interstitials, rewarded videos, native ads etc.);
  • aggregated payouts (you won’t have to request your payments from each demand partner separately).

Feel free to ping me with any questions.

Good luck!


Have you tried Epom Apps? We guarantee:

-~95% fill rate YES!
-No virus alerts YES!
-mainly banner and interinitial formats YES! + native ads

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