Looking for an ad network platform!! Need Help!!

Hi, guys. I’m an android developer looking for help…
Is there an ad network platform that developers can release their app’s ad place and allow advertisers to find and buy these ad places to show their own ads???

Maybe it’s like Doubleclick? (Actually, I not very understand what doubleclick use for as well… If someone knows, please explain to me!! Thanks!!)
Hope you understand what’s my meaning…
Do you guys have any recommendation?

Up… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Appnext has a market that allows advertiser to discover the app and buy traffic directly from it. See screenshots attached. If you register, you can access it.

Do anyone have more recommendation?

I don’t know if I can trust this platform… I never hear it before… Anyone use appnext before?

Yes they are legit…they are in this business for years and they pay on time…you can try them if you want good results.

I’ve been working with them for the past 2 years… they are solid.

Appnext is trustworthy.

Appnext is good, safe, pays on time, good ecpm.

we are the big ad platform, are looking for the android apps developers.

Anyone heard of silvermob.com ad network? I heard it has good CPMs, they operated within one of the major app creation platforms and now they are working on global market.

Okay, Thanks. Dude