Looking for a good pay per click native ads network

Hi everyone

So far i was using admob banner ads with
RPM of around 0.3$. I wanted to try to make
more money from my ads so i gave HeyZap
and Appnext a little test. The problem is that you
get paid only if user installed the app and opened
it, so in Appnext for example i have 6,000 impressions
with 50 clicks and 1 install = ecpm of 0.13$. So a huge
native ad yield only half than a small admob banner in terms
of ecpm.

I know that admob has native ads but for some reason it is not
showing ads on my app and i know FAN has a great native ads
but has only 50% fill rate so i need native ads network to work
together with FAN which allow pay per click revenue model.

Can someone recommend me on one?