Lookin for banner network (have to be stable with huge inventory)

I am looking for banner network for chat app, huge inventory, fully consistent with Google Play policy without ANY incidents like porn ad, no close button, etc.

I decided to use:
-milenial media
-i can’t use admob, got bans in the past and scared to use my admob account in new apps :wink:

Please share some stats with milenial and inmobi, ecpm, fillrate, impressions and payment experience. Maybe some different ad networks?

Probably you should erase inmobi as well. They sometimes redirect user to google play without a click (I faced it with banners some time ago, don’t know if they have it now or not). And anyway, they have 1 cent CPC (in rare cases 1.5)

some stats from admob banners:

request: 295,153
impressions: 290,914
fill rate: 98.65%
clicks: 2,369
CTR: 0.81%
Request RPM: €0.25
Impression RPM: €0.25
Revenue: €73.54

Can’t suggest anything better than admob, maybe you should risk. This stable fill rate + eCPM in banners, haven’t seen in any network

Yeah banner ADs haven’t been easy to make money off of. Notifymob has a deal for banner ADs basically they can guarantee $1 eCPM for banners. Basically means $1 for every 1,000 banners shown.

ehh…pixel, when I saw last post “pixepower” I knew that will be about notifymob. This is last network what I will use in serious app.

I mentioned Notifymob because I use them and I mention airpush sometimes because I use them to lesser degree. I really don’t like talking about networks I don’t use.

You know what I just realized your the user that complains about every single AD network. Sorry I didn’t mean to post here.

Wow… you talk a lot of trash, don’t you? Appnext doesn’t even have banners, same as Mobile Core… so what you said is not relevant.
Appnext and Admob are the best networks in my opinion. Their inventory is much bigger than all the rest. Appnext payment info sucks,
I definitely agree. But they pay on time, and pay well, and their new SDK is awesome. You are using Millennial, that pays net 60(!!), so how can you even complain?

Also, Mobvista are quite alright, and with very good support (not mentioned here).
You should learn to give a little bit more respect.

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Just to explain:
Yeahmobi is one out of about 180 active agencies and direct advertisers currently sitting on our CPI bidding platfrom and launching campaigns. We have over 1,000 live campaigns in our system now. Again - 1 out of 180
Yeahmobi are good, great to work with, but we have bigger advertisers.

Like any network, we have where to improve (like payment history…). And we will.

I was under impression appnext has no banner ads. Pls correct me.