Look At Here! New Mobvista SDK with Revolutionary Interstitial Ads, Much Higher eCPM!

Dear All,

Great News! We are happy to announce that we just launch our NEW SDK !
Get the New SDK Here!

Ad format Introduction

  1. Interstitial Ads are full-page ads that display before or after the expected content. These ads often result in higher eCPM for developers. Mobvista Interstitial Ads have the industry’s highest eCPM with following features:
    [li]Slidable full screen images with professional design are very attractive, giving users great visual impact.[/li][li]Interstitial Ads appear to users either at application launch/exit or during a natural break in the application’s content, developers can fully control when and where to show the ads.[/li][li]With Mobvista’s sophisticated algorithm, the SDK can optimize the performance using multiple parameters, making sure the interstitial ads are highly relavent.[/li][/ul]

  2. App wall is a page that appears within your app that offers users new free apps they like. With multiple entrences, users can access app wall page during a natural break. Below are some advices for appwall entrences:

    • Using a red dot with number, attracting users to click and show the app wall.
    • Using an button like “More” or “News” in the setting page.
    • Using the float button to attract users.

  3. Banner ads are the mainstays of online and mobile app advertising. Unlike other ad types, banner ads hardly affect user experience. With creative design and natural rotation, mobvista banner brings publishers impressive eCPM.

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Great to hear that! Will you change SDK as we talked earlier? (remove project including, only .jar file & deleting meta tags from manifest?)


You cpc firm ?

I don’t want CPI because peoples not download advertising programs. My customers only “click”

I want cpc firm…I want only “click” earning…Thank you

Seems great sdk will wait for it.

awesome hopefully its just a single jar instead of an imported project. You guys actually perform pretty great outside google play as well.

Already PM you to offer you more information about the single jar.:slight_smile:

PM you to offer you more information about the single jar.:slight_smile:

currently our price pattern is combination of CPI CPC and CPM, depends on your site/app and traffic, the cutting-edge algorithms will select the suitable campaigns for you.

So will you start to update your ads when SDK ready? :slight_smile:

lol just read its next week, I just redownloaded sdk thinking it was new and im making like 10 new apps, but oh well will publish them anyway then do some new ones next week.

Yes sure I will update.

just test the new version sdk, amazing interstitial ads! and the banners also change, they will roll:cool: going to add more apps with new your new sdk

I’m also going to add their ads in my new apps next week:)

how about the new mobvista SDK? anyone share some information?

just tried the 3D interstitial ads in two of my apps, higher ctr and cvr than before when using old interstitial ads, that what i can say from the new version SDK

can anyone please share their banner stats. Looking for a good alternative.

hell yeah no need to update ad code since it same as before just replace the new sdk project and good to go, easiest upgrades ever.

doesn’t mobvista have a jar based sdk?

Turmin, can share an app link that already uses mobvista’s new sdk? I just want to see the ads inside the app, before adding. Thanks in advance

If choosing jar, a lot of function is limited, you can’t set up the permission yourself, and other issues. That’s why a lot of ad networks don’t choose this way. I don’t know if I am right or not