Lonje chat-free mobile app

Lonje chat-free mobile app for everybody. Just install an application, which is compatible with all mobile devices, and connect with every piece of the world. Share you feelings, posts, images, text or links with people around neighborhood or in every other country.

Why we are your choice:

  1. FREE
    You do not have to pay anything. Lonje is absolutely free for everybody and for everything. Send instant messages, receive it back, share images and any other our features……right….with no fee.

    Of course there are many other applications with instant messages…but how about to chat with everybody in the same time, in the same room…isn’t it cool? Absolutely different people from countries all over the world….who knows from which country is your soulmate or best friend. Maybe you should try.

    Send instant messages, photos or other files to your friends or leave them a text if they are offline. And they will read it after.

    You have your own choice to choose with whom to chat. Just create your own group chat and share your mind with your people.

    Create your profile so people can know you better.

    You are free to make your own blog and share it with people.

      Because we are connected to every country we have users all over the world, which helps to practice language you want to know better. Speak with native speakers and improve your ability to communicate in your desire language. Broke language barrier. Start it now!

    2. AND A LOT OF FUN…
      After long day or if you want to relax, just chat at LONJE and your time would be spent in the best time with the best people. Have FUN!

Planned features:
Voice calls
Video calls
Free international calls


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