Lock screen for athan and prayer times

WeMuslim: The best muslim app and lock screen for athan and prayer times
Best muslim lock screen for athan and prayer times.
Accurate, easy, humanize for athan and prayer times. Just light up the screen, then view the current/next prayer times, local weather, calender at lock screen. You also can view the direction of qibla, Islamic calendar, Islamic festivals.
1.Automatic position for calculating athan prayer times and aibla compass;
2.Calculate and remind muslims prayer time;
3.Remind for muslim athan: Silence, Vibration and rings;
4.Lock screen: Don’t need to unlock phone, the lock screen shows athan prayer times, weather and calender;
5.Notification bar: Without unlock phone, you can view the athan prayer times, set reminder, use widget;
6.Muslims weather: Daily weather and temperature, easy and useful;
7.Qibla compass: Fast and accurate to point qibla;
8.Muslim calendar: Islamic calendar and festivals for muslim;
9.Support different muslim prayer times agreement and adjustment;
10.Free and NO AD!
1.Lock screen: Recommend to close system lock at “Settings” to avoid unlocking twice;
2.Adjust the muslims agreement of prayer time at"Setting" if you need;
4.Advance or delay the athan prayer time if you need;
5.You can close the lock screen at “Setting”.

Support English、Arabic、Hindi、French、Indonesia、Turkish、Chinese、Bengal、Urdu.

Suggest muslim download it at Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appvv.wemuslim.base