Location-Based Services

What do you think about geolocation services in-app like-Uber applications?
This technology is widely used nowadays. It turns your physical location into valuable data and uses this data to offer you different services. Many of them are very convenient in use. Now I will describe some of them.

Tinder: one of the most popular geolocation apps. Very simple to use. It is the dating application. Here how it works: users cycle through photos of potential partners. If they are interested, they tap a green heart. Not interested - they tap the red one. And then potential matches are only notified if both sides are down. After the coincidence, they arrive in the private chat room and speak with each other.
Waze: the GPS navigator app for car drivers who don’t wanna get stuck in traffic. It’s a personal driving doctor that clues you into everything happening on the road: traffic, police, different sudden hazards, accidents.
Here on biz: business networking. Think a social LinkedIn check-in that helps you to find professionals near you. It analyzing big amounts of data about location, job history, college degrees, affiliations and more to deliver opportunities to connect you with meaningful professionals to help you in your business.