Localization? Worth it?

I wonder if translating my apps to different countries worth it.
I’ll explain.

Few months ago I’ve translated my app to some other country but the download haven’t rised abit.
I know that everyone says that translation is a good thing. But yet I haven’t experienced it yet.

So suppose I translate my app to 10 different countries using Fiverr, so I pay 6.5$ including taxes per each translation so overall it will take me 65$ to translate the app.

Is it worth it? Did you see any growth with your downloads using these methods? What is the average growth if it does happen?

Think in a different way. Your downloads might not increase because of localization, but your average time spend in the app + retention and active installs can improve. It also depends on how many text your app provides. A lot of people simply don’t understand english and deinstall it right away.

Thanks for your comment,
I meant translating app description and not the app itself. I mean how would translation will affect the keyword/suggestion app? Will it increase the download rate from your experience?

Localization alone won’t accomplish miracles if your game/app has low visibility.

It surely helps with downloads though if people can understand your game. Having your game description and promotional screenshot localized is also something worth considering, but it has to be very clear whether your in-game content is localized or not, so people won’t feel cheated if they find out it isn’t after they paid.

All in all, it mostly boils down to market study and picking the right languages for your game.

One thing’s sure, unless it’s poorly executed, localization can only be positive for your exposure. Many review sites and YouTubers won’t pick a game if it’s only in English.

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