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How to make a surcharge cap of 3%?

As I had a situation the other day when a client made a Deposit of $ 100.

Let’s say the bill was $ 1,100 and we withdraw $ 100, which leaves us $ 1,000.

When I clicked the surcharge button, the 1.5% surcharge was $16.50

But 1.5% of $ 1000 is $15.00.

This is assuming you are using a Surcharge on the whole payment or last form of payment.

You will need to create a new Surcharge button, Create a “Update Ticket Calculation” action & a Display Payment Screen action, then use a rule to tie everything together. You may check the automation commands in google, there should be some instructions

Is the maximum surcharge cap - 4% ? I took out a payday loan ND and I have some upfront fees and ongoing charges. I saw the commercial on TV and called the 1-800 number. I had my money in no time at all. They offer all kinds of loans for all kinds of things. My repayment options are taken out on a monthly basis which is better for me. I can pay. The additional fees is not too bad. It’s almost like going to an Amscot in paying them back. The rates can get a little high so therefore it’s not for everyone ok. Not perfect. And there’s the additional fees that get for service late and start up after the loan. Just want to be sure that the charges are correct.

Just what I needed, thanks!

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