Live Wallpaper App

I would like to get reviews from you for my new Live Wallpaper android app, and i would give 5 stars with a good comment in exchange. Please mention your app link… i will review your app within 24 hours.

Here is my app

Hi, i’ve review with name “Tran Chien”

please review my app, 5*, g+, and just play for a bit:



Thank you…

Installed, rated 5 stars, and +1’d as Eddie Goebel. Please do the same:

Thank you…


Hi friend,
I rate 5*, G+, comment and install
My name: kim wuchoong

Please do same with:

Thank you.

Hi, did G+1, 5* and review form David Nyitrai “Best live wallpaper out there! Love the fresh, vibrant colours, great job!!!”

If you could do the same for me at


Done under Joseph R. Please return the favor by Reviewing, rating and G+

I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “anvu nguyen”. Would you please help me review two above games?
Thank you very much,