Live HTML/CSS Website Editor - edit html code of websites in real-time

Hey guys,
I’m not sure whether this is a correct place to do that, if not I will happily move the thread, but I wanted to share my new android app which could be quite useful for web development.
It allows you to edit HTML,CSS and Javascript of the websites in real-time, a tool similar to what firebug mozilla plugin does.
Of course it doesn’t offer as many features as firebug(limitation of android and quite frankly I have just released the app so it doesn’t contain too many features). The application is quite in that because most of the html editors in googplay play store only allow to edit code of html pages downloaded to your device instead of allowing real-time editing of webpages.
Some of the features that the application offers:
-Touch to inspect - just click on the element and application will display code behind it, you can then edit it and view it in browser
-Edit full page source code
-Display some of the html elements like links which you can then edit and view the changes in browser

All right here is a link to google play store. Hope you’ll like it!

The app is free, there is a premium version with more features and no ads so if you liked the app you can simply purchase the premium version or click on an ad.

Ahh and any kind of suggestion will be most welcomed, as I’ve said before I have released the like a week ago so I did not receive many feedback from users yet.

Thanks guys!