Little Trick to Boost New App Installs for Google Play

Ok here is a little trick to boost extra installs for a new google play app, These tricks will get you a guaranteed 25 - 500 Installs the first 24 hours you launch your new app, depending on category 10 installs is all you need to be in top 500 new free section. I average around 100 Installs first 24 hours of each new app I launch doing these 2 little tricks. First of all Make your app twice, Make one Version 1, make the other version 2 and make sure both are same package name, and signed with same keystore.

Ok now that you have 2 of your apps being the same one as version 1 and the other version 2 or higher now is the time to take version 1 and upload to all the 3rd party app markets that you know about. Mobango, getjar, Slideme, 1mobile, Baidu,, ETC. Wait a good week to build up installs on 3rd party app markets, Once a week has passed now is the time to upload version 2 to Google Play. Once Version 2 has been uploaded to Google Play and is live, Now we need to publish to Opera App Market. Opera No Longer accepts 3rd party apps instead you upload your Google play app, Make sure you upload your apk file and DO NOT USE IMPORT APP ON OPERA Upload it like a normal app instead to have your app be shown in the new section of Opera, Now that 3rd party apps aren’t allowed, Opera now takes the package name of your app and will go to the Google Play page of your app when user clicks download button on Opera, This Alone boosts 10-250 Downloads for your app Alone depending on Traffic for Opera and whether people are flooding or not.

All the Users that Still have your app from 3rd party Markets will now all be prompted to Update to the latest version of Google Play thus furthering your installs even more, If they dont get prompted automatically then they will see update available when they go to their list of installed apps on Google Play. Depending on how many users downloaded your app from 3rd party app markets you can get another 10-250 extra Installs as well to boost your new app.

The above 2 methods will get you like 25-500 installs on your new app with-in first few days to boost your app from not being ranked to being in top 500 new free section I usually land in top 200 new free section after the first week of launching my apps.

I even reached at Top new free categeory at 56spot.At that time i only use mobogenie and thus mobogenei play store version redirect user to play store and was getting 1-2k downloads at that time…

So after uploading my app to third party markets I don’t have to update these apps ever again and the users will be prompted to update from Google play? Really thats how it works? I thought I have to update the app on all these third party markets manually?..

Thanks for sharing this useful method! But looks like this method can only be applied in app without IAP, right? Since IAP can only be implemented in google play.

@treble - you can always turn off IAP in version 1.

Oh thanks, you provide a way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have anybody bulk uploader for alternative stores like inmobie service in the past?

In opera wich version must install??? v1 or v2?