List of incentivized networks

Hey guys, I’m looking to make a list of incentivized networks that I could integrate in some of my apps. This includes rewarded videos, installing apps/games from adwall, completing surveys.
In other words, the user should get something in exchange for completing a specific task.
Any information will be appreciated.
I will start the list with the networks I know:

Heyzap - rewarded video ads
Pollfish - surveys
Tapjoy - adwall

Adcolony - rewarded video
AerServ - rewarded video + mediation
Fyber - rewarded video + mediation
Supersonic - rewarded video + medation
Vungle - rewarded video

Adscend Media - offer wall + incentivized offers platform :slight_smile:

FreeMyApps by Fiksu, Neverblue, Kiip (if you count real-life rewards and incent).

You can find a full list by going to the link in my signature, filtering by ‘mobile’ and ‘ad network’ and ‘Supports Incentivized Traffic’

Hi Vadim,

Appnext’s rewarded video solution is already live! I’ll email you with more details in private.

@asag- Thanks for mentioning [b]Supersonic[/b]. In addition to rewarded video and mediation, our SDK also includes offerwalls. @vadimbolun- if you’re interested in trying us out, you can message me to receive a special 50$ bonus when you sign up.

Michelle - what is the pricing structure for Supersonic marketplace ads? CPI?

Unlockable ads also work with rewarded video.

Our tech implementation is a bit different (and hopefully easier) since we don’t use a native SDK.

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I sell incentivized installs, price is $90 for 1000 installs through PayPal or Payoneer. If you are interested, please send me a message.