List of CPC, CPM or CPCV

Do you know recommend some network CPC , CPM and CPCV.
Now, i use AdMob, Adcolony and ADXMI!

You can try Airpush (360 banner) , the eCPM=0.45 which I think it’s very good for a banner.

What eCPM have AdMob and AdColony???

Low eCPM with AdMob:
Admob : 0.45€/1000 – Interstial Banner
AdColony: 2.50$/1000 (Global) and 5$/1000 (USA) – Video banner

I used Admob but after 2 month my account get banned for Invalid activity(Never clicked on my ads). Now I want to add AdColony on my app.
You can try StartApp interstial (eCPM 1$) instead Admob interstial.

StartApp pay per Click or Install?
I use ADMOB since August, never problem!

StartApp pey per Click, abot 2 month ago their interistial ecpm was 2$-2,3 $.

You used Appnext or mobilecore?

No mobilcore pay per Install!

Hi Andrew,

Have you tried us yet at Phunware? We have campaigns running on CPM, CPC or CPI, and you have the ability to turn off / on each on an app level.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Phunware Nick

any more info?

Going to shoot you a PM.

Phunware Nick