List of AD networks that pay weekly ( will be updated regularly)

I am no fan of net30 , net45, and net60 type of networks. So I will need some help from other developers to compile a list of AD networks that pay weekly. Also I need to know the threshold to qualify for weekly payment for each network. Thanks for your help.

  1. Airpush Bundle 1 SDK, its $300 a week from cpms on banners after 1 month, then you are put on weekly payments. Airpush ECPM for bundle 2 is $50 so reaching that amount would be easier. For Standard SDK its $600.
    Yon can sign up here Monetize Android Apps - Download Airpush’s SDK

  2. Mobilecore ( ECPM $1-$3) has weekly payments with after you reach $200 . You can sign up with mobilecore here

3)Appodeals no longer viable. Scam where they get app banned from googleplay and then ban you saying you committed fraud.

  1. Eomobi has weekly payments after $50 . Thier ECPM is $1-$3 so with a good app you can reach threshold . You can sign up here Easily Optimize Most of Benefits Incredibly|EOMOBI

  2. Mobvista (ECPM $1-$3) has weekly payments once you reach the payment threshold of $50 a week. You can sign up Mobvista

Appflood but recently some one on forum got into trouble with payments from them.

Yeah, there’s been actually 2 similar complaints this month.

Appnext paid weekly when you reach $2,500.

That is way too high 200 would be more like it, another reason why im using mobilecore instead of you guys. Lower your threshold and you will get more devs, i will guarentee it.

Thanks for the information at that rate of $2,500 I will need to post the EPCM like I did with airpush. What is the EPCM of appnext?

I have nothing to say about this other than - you are sooooo right.
I’m working on it wiht our accounting team to have this threshold much lower. But it will probably take more time to solve.

As I know, Mobvista can do weekly payment when you get $50 per week.

Please add Mobvista on the list, we do weekly payment for our publishers.
Thank you very much.

Supersonic commits to pay every 2 weeks, if you make over $2000 weekly an weekly payment agreement can be arranged… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok Mobvista has been added to the list. If you can tell me the epcm.

Ok I will added it but 1st I need the epcm also. Just like you noticed with airpush any network that has a high threshold I need to post epcm so developers can make an informed decision.

Ok I added the ECPM to each network. Any network can claim to pay weekly but if the threshold is over $500 then you need a higher ECPM to go with it. I hope the other AD networks that would like to be added to the list come with some figures for EPCM.

I wanted to simply interject that we pay for earnings of the SAME week that earnings were generated. NOTIFY does its best to ensure QUICK payouts. We do not pay the previous weeks earnings a week later, which is quite fast! Hence, even the last cent earned on Thursday night 11:59 PM, will be paid out the very next day. How’s that for fast payouts?! :slight_smile:

NOTIFY’s Thresholds are some of the lowest in the industry as well. $25 for paypal and $100 for wire. Thank you!

Now thats good news!! I will update the 1st post.

Hi guys I can’t believe these are the only networks that pay weekly but I haven’t found any more. If you guys know of any please post so I can add it to the main list. Also if any of you can tell me the EPCM you have experienced that would be very helpful.

I’m getting about $2-5 eCPM with Notify and about $1-3 with MobileCore. Both are good for me. MC scared me for a little there because it was bad eCPM but its OK now - almost to normal again. Notify is improving and doing more revenue than MC (for now). :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the information about ECPM of both networks , that’s exactly the information I needed.

If anyone else can add feedback with reguards to ECPM they exp using these network that would be very helpful so I can add that info to the 1st post

Merry Christmas !! Hopefully we make more money next year!!