Lipent, review app


I’ve made the first multi-language funny pictures app, allowing users to browse pictures in multiple languages at the same time. The app is called Lipent-Funny Pictures, and it’s available for android. I launched a couple days ago and I need some people to try it and tell me what they think.

Some of the main features of the app are:

1.Instead of gallery view, I used “Tinder like” view, where users swipe to like or dislike pictures, allowing me to have more control over good and bad pictures. Other sites have very low user engagement, and less than 10% of the users actually rate the pictures. This sites feature pictures based in comments, even if the comment is “worst picture ever”.

2.Multi-language: as I said, users can select multiple languages at the same time. As someone who speaks 5 languages, I don’t want to have to decide between pictures in english, german or french.

3.Rewarding system: users who upload pictures get paid in a “Youtube like” way. I believe we have to stop the current trend of users creating content for free.

If you are still reading, thank you so much. Here is a link to my app on Google Play: