Lion Hunt

We shall rather LIVE only one day as a LION than hundred years as Sheep and Run. Stand back on ground and give the best attempt at a roar back at the lions. Let the world hear your ROAR. “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”.
Caution: Please focus and hunt for the massive strong animal – Lion, as you know, “While hunting, lion doesn’t roar at all”. So, be careful and stay focus while hunting the wild animal, kill them before it does.
“Despite its reputation as the King of the Jungle, the lion actually does not inhabit jungles, nor does it live in very dry deserts or in the rain forests. Instead, the lion exists in what is termed as Lion Hunt 3D.” Play the most interesting and thrilling game, which will drive you crazy, rejuvenate and entertain!

*** Courageous & simply Hunt Simulator game on Google Play for FREE!

*** Brave 3D Environment and Bold HD Graphics

*** Daring music and valiant sound effects

*** Adventure Game Play and Real Easy Controls

*** Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices of android above 2.2

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