linking to paid apps in a different account

Lets say I have some apps with links to paid versions that resides in a separate account. If apps are suspended is it likely that google will scan my apk and look for package name strings in order to identify and link the accounts?

There are some countermeasure I could do to stop this but I’m not sure if it even matters. I’m thinking I will anyway just to be safe since google is so F***CKED UP

Well, yes if some how that main app gets suspended then the linked paid app will also get suspended no matter if its over the other developer account ! So, what you can do is instead of linking things up you would keep those limited to each other reach !

If your Paid apps got banned and remaining other applications with separate accounts should be linked to each other. I would like to suggest you one additional thing which will help you in increase your sales rate of paid application. Because linking other application to paid application means to get relevant and maximum users of application so for this purpose you can share your application on social media platforms to get more users quickly. I have tried this strategy for my TV application which is paid. Thanks.

I don’t necessarily agree. If I generate the package name of the paid app at runtime when they click the button to “purchase the full version” then I dont think google would know they are linked. Basically my idea is to have one or 2 accounts that are for paid apps and all my free apps on separate accounts link to these two. I’m trying to protect myself from a catastrophe in which one account being suspended leads to them all being suspended. This seems possible but I want to be totally sure.

I need to make sure compiler optimization is not going to mess things up but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Unless google employees actually go in and use the apps when they ban them. Anyone else have an idea about this? Will generating the package name of the paid app at runtime work (from multiple strings or maybe an encrypted string)?

Well, that sounds okay good hear and think that you may get right past over it but I would also say with Google you can’t trust your instinct now these people has started suspending the developers account with just a single mistake ! I would say you can move forward but if I was you then I’ll remain on safe side !

If you are confused about the different types of Google accounts, you are not alone. As Google’s product offering grows, they repeatedly change the name of account types and services. They also change the permissions and features associated with each account on a somewhat random basis. This is not a criticism of Google; it’s just the nature of the rapid development process of cloud applications. Google also uses the words app, application, product, and service inconsistently throughout their product documentation.
There are really four types of Google Accounts that you should know :-
Google account
Google Apps account
Google Apps for Business

Well, okay that sounds fair enough but could explain a bit more like what its difference between having a Gmail account and a Google account? I always feel that both of then are similar !