Link from Google Play description - is it allowed?

Is it allowed to put a link in the description of your app/game to another site?

We are offered a free promotion from a site and in return we have to put a link to their site on our Google Play description page.

Yes you can

This is my store. Can you do it?

It is strictly prohibited to advertise for a website in your play store description
I have read it last night on Google.
100% sure

url please?

My bad, you can with restrictions that might not aply to your case. read ahead:

WebViews and Affiliate Spam

Apps published on Google Play should provide their own content. Do not publish an app whose primary function is to reproduce or frame someone else’s website (unless you have permission).

Similarly, do not publish an app whose primary function is to drive affiliate traffic to a website. Although affiliate deals can exist where an app’s primary purpose is delivering its own content or functionality, it’s a violation of Google Play policies to publish an app whose primary (or only) purpose is to direct affiliate traffic to another website.

Description includes unrelated keywords or references
App Title Kids puzzle: Desktop Browser for Turtoogle Game
Developer AAZZZ (not affiliated with Turtoogle Inc.)
App Description Have you ever wanted to use the full, desktop web version of Turtoogle Game from your phone or tablet instead of the Turtoogle Game mobile app or Turtoogle Game mobile web site?

This app lets you access Turtoogle Game on your Android device in the same way as you access the game on your desktop computer, and with all the same Turtoogle Game features.

For those who cannot publish paid apps on Google Play (developer location not yet allow paid apps) - can one put a link to the paid app on Amazon App Store ?

Secondary question - can one phrase the link so that it opens Amazon App Store (if user has it installed) directly to the paid app page ?

Third question - while folks have said Samsung App Store yields less results than Amazon App Store - the fact is that the bulk of users would be using Samsung phones - and thus could download a paid app from Samsung App Store. So would it be possible to have a link that directly opens the paid app in Samsung App Store ? It is surprising that Samsung App Store is reported to yield less revenue vs. Amazon App Store, since Samsung phones dominate the user base (as far as I have noted).