Libgdx Game Development

Hey guys,

I was wondering what frameworks you guys mainly use to develop your Android Apps. I have been using Eclipse with the Android SDK so far.
I just bought a book which explains how to develop games with Libgdx. I also tried Corona 2D but it seems not many are using that.
(I heard about AndEngine, Cocos, Unity too. But never done anything with these frameworks)

Can you share some of your experiences with Android development environments? I just want to know if it’s worth it to start working myself into libgdx to develop some games.

Thanks for any input. :slight_smile:

I use libgdx for game development.

for unity you need to know JavaScript to C#. Xamarian needs C#. Cocos and Libgdx are widely used multi platform dev tools.
Unity is hands down if you can learn it. So many plugins written for achieving common tasks which saves time.

How long did it take you to learn libgdx until you felt comfortable with it?

May I ask you what you are using and for what reasons? I have basic experience in C# and little in JavaScript.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Unity rocks. I always recommend it.

Are you paying for it? I checked the prices and it said a license for Android is either 1500 USD at once or 75 USD / month. That is quite expensive. :eek:

I use Unity and I think it is a good option for developing apps. By using Unity you can develop app for both apple and Google Play Store.

There are free and pro versions. You can develop using free version and buy pro later. A interstitial is shown in free version. Many devs use free version initially
Unity - Licenses Comparison

Thanks! Yeah I just figured that out too. But I just decided to go with libgdx. I kinda feel uncomfortable with using a non-complete version of something (Unity). And it would be too expensive too buy for now.
Maybe if in the future if I make some money I’ll buy unity Pro lol